The Vincent Brothers Review Issue #8


The Vincent Brothers Review Issue #8

Poetry by Larry O. Dean, David B. McCoy, Amy Poitier, Graham Duncan, Arthur Winfield Knight, Kevin J. Smith, Matthew Mendoza, Kenneth Pobo, Lyn Lifshin, E. Michael Desilets, Neal Bowers, and A. C. Brocki. Fiction by Kim Carey, Michelle Whitley Turner, and John Shore. Nonfiction by Mark Morelli and Virginia Carey. Art by Peggy Jean Dodson.

Released Spring/Summer 1991.

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The Vincent Brothers Review Issue #8


Premonition by Larry O. Dean
Lights of Ancestors by David B. McCoy
On the Road in the Great Depression by Amy Poitier
The Long View by Graham Duncan
Jesse James: Tombstones by Arthur Winfield Knight
Professional Wrestling, Piqua, Ohio, 1927 by Kevin J. Smith
Papa by Matthew Mendoza
Basement by Kenneth Pobo
My Mother Calls for the Third Time by Lyn Lifshin
Tom’s Time by E. Michael Desilets
RSVP by Neal Bowers*
Reunion by A. C. Brocki
In the Spring by Arthur Winfield Knight
*See editorial in The Vincent Brothers Review Issue #10


Otis MacGillacutty’s Ghost and Other Summertime Stories by Kim Carey
Swimming by Michelle Whitley Turner
Tick-Tock by John Shore

Loving Aunt Flora by Mark Morelli
A Birthday by Virginia Carey


Illustrations by Peggy Jean Dodson
ISSN: 1044–615X. All rights reserved. ©1991.

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