The Vincent Brothers Review Issue #11—Black History


The Vincent Brothers Review Issue #11—Black History

Poetry by Marcus Rome, Timothy Spraggins, Louis Phillips, Maggie Jaffe, R. Busailah, and Jeffrey Loo. Fiction by Constance García-Barrio. Nonfiction by Kim Carey. Art by Stella Rose Steinkiwicz. Released Summer 1993.

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The Vincent Brothers Review Issue #11—Black History


Black on Black by Marcus Rome
Mississippi by Timothy Spraggins
Johnny Inkslinger Sits Down to Play a Scott Joplin Rag by Louis Phillips
Johnny Inkslinger is on the Trail, Following the Hellhound and Blues Master Robert Johnson by Louis Phillips
1938: The Brown Bomber Defeats Max Schmeling and Retains His Heavyweight Champion of the World by Louis Phillips
Paul Robeson by Maggie Jaffe
Everything Happens at Night by Maggie Jaffe
By the Lake by R. Busailah
Shaking Rain Over the Desert by R. Busailah
For Etheridge Knight by Jeffrey Loo


The Sitting Tree by Constance García-Barrio


Black Experience in the American West: A Bibliographic Survey by Kim Carey
Preserving Black Family: The National Afro-American Museum and Cultural Center in Wilberforce, Ohio by Kim Carey


Cover and inside art by Stella Rose Steinkiwicz.

ISSN: 1044-615X. All rights reserved. ©1993.

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