Issue #3—Summer


The Vincent Brothers Review Issue #3, released Summer 1989

Poetry by Denise Thomas, Charles Van Heck, Rebecca J. Edgerton, Jonathan Levant, Alana O’Koon, Lyn Lifshin, Robert Bergman, William J. Vernon, Denise Thomas, Gay Brewer, Laura E. Lehner, Scott Stalnaker, Gregg Fry, Mike Hosier, Kevin J. Smith, Todd A. Fry, Elizabeth A. Brisby, Jim Brooks, and Sharon O’Bryan. Fiction by Barbara Witmer, Rafael Alvarez, G. H. Xiong, and Kim Carey. Art and Photography by Kim Carey, Margaret W. Gallico, Gregg Fry, Jess Ennis, and Dale Goubeaux.

The first issue of The Vincent Brothers Review to include fiction and photography.

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Issue #3—Summer 1989


  • The Garden by Denise Thomas
  • Untitled by Charles Van Heck
  • Hand-Tied Wool by Rebecca J. Edgerton
  • The Circle Touching Itself by Jonathan Levant
  • Isolation by Alana O’Koon
  • The DJ Whose Plane Buzzed a Large Oak and Then Sat in the Branches by Lyn Lifshin
  • Vertigo by Robert Bergman
  • Boating on the Ohio by William J. Vernon
  • Taos by Denise Thomas
  • Hydra by Gay Brewer
  • Winter in Portsmouth by Laura E. Lehner
  • Lady Looking Glass by Scott Stalnaker
  • Meander #5189 by Gregg Fry
  • Horrortale by Mike Hosier
  • The Orifice by Alana O’Koon
  • TV Dinner by Kevin J. Smith
  • Making the Beast with Two Backs by William J. Vernon
  • The Drone of Empty Rooms by Todd A. Fry
  • Song of the Deinstitutionalized Schizophrenic by Elizabeth A. Brisby
  • Madonna’s January Blue by Lyn Lifshin
  • Tiny Dancer by Jim Brooks
  • Haiku by Sharon O’Bryan
  • One to Nothing by Gregg Fry


  • Another Language by Barbara Witmer
  • Raymond Carver is Dead by Rafael Alvarez
  • Recollections of a Dream by G. H. Xiong
  • Blue Neon Dust by Kim Carey

Art and Photography

  • Missy May and Louie Sing Too by Kim Carey
  • Little House in the Woods by Margaret W. Gallico
  • Untitled by Gregg Fry
  • Buddha Nature (photo and caption) by Jess Ennis
  • Foggy Morning, Eastwood Lake by Dale Goubeaux
  • Untitled by Gregg Fry
  • Victorian House by Margaret W. Gallico
  • Night Scene by Dale Goubeaux

ISSN: 1044–615X. All rights reserved. ©1989.

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