The Vincent Brothers Review Issue #18—Flight and Flying


The Vincent Brothers Review Issue #18—Flight and Flying

Fiction by Susan Streeter Carpenter, Lee Huntington, Katherin Nolte, Rod Lockwood, Laurel K. Jenkins-Crowe. Poetry by Jonathan Levant, Robert Paschell, Susan Jelus, Deanna Pickard, Robert L. Brimm, Kaye Bache-Snyder, Simon Perchik, Fredrick Zydek, and James Brooks. Nonfiction by Judith Unger and David K. Vaughan. A Pinch of Herbs—Fennel by Jennifer Conn. Fennel au Gratin Recipe. Late Summer Marinated Vegetables Recipe. Collages appearing on the front and back covers, and inside are the work of Jud Yalkut. Sketch by Kim Carey. Photograph of Virginia Carey from her family’s collection. Released 1999.

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The Vincent Brothers Review Issue #18—Flight and Flying


Earring Story by Susan Streeter Carpenter
Flying High by Lee Huntington
Billy by Katherin Nolte
Roscoe by Rod Lockwood
The Seventh Guitar by Laurel K. Jenkins-Crowe

Icarus Coldly Before the Fall by Jonathan Levant
Dream of First Flight by Robert Paschell
Getaway by Susan Jelus
First Flight by Susan Jelus
Flags of Winter by Susan Jelus
Settling by Deanna Pickard
What the Birds Know by Deanna Pickard
Do the People Get Littler? by Robert L. Brimm
Moment by Robert L. Brimm
Miller Moth by Kaye Bache-Snyder
59 by Simon Perchik
118 by Simon Perchik
Speaking of Spiders by Fredrick Zydek
This Spring the Rains by Fredrick Zydek
Visting the House Factory by Fredrick Zydek
Responses to Recurring Dreams by James Brooks

Earlypages by Judith Unger
The Wright Brothers, Birdflight, and the Invention of the Flying Machine by David K. Vaughan

A Pinch of Herbs— Fennel by Jennifer Conn
Fennel au Gratin Recipe
Late Summer Marinated Vegetables Recipe
Art and Photographs

The collages appearing on the front and back covers, and on pages 4, 41, and 70 are the work of Jud Yalkut. The sketch of fennel on page 94 is by Kim Carey. The photograph of Virginia Carey on page 98 is from her family’s collection.

ISSN: 1044–615X. All rights reserved. ©1999.

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