Issue #6—Summer: Dance


The Vincent Brothers Review Issue #6–Dance

Poetry by B.Z. Niditch, Gay Brewer, Jonathan Levant, Tom Sheehan, Jean Hovey, John T. Harris, William Dauenhauer, Gwen Strauss, Kim Carey, Mike Hosier, Carmelita McKeever, Catherine Hardy, Denise Thomas, Ed Davis, Lyn Lifshin, and John Grey. Fiction by Mike Hosier. Nonfiction by Kimberly Willardson and Carmine DiBiase. Art and Photography by Kim Carey, Christine Dimengo, Roger Willardson, Margaret W. Gallico, and Roger Pfingston. Released Summer 1990.

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Issue #6—Summer 1990: Dance


  • Suspicion by B.Z. Niditch
  • Señorita by Gay Brewer
  • I Wear My Sadness Like a Sling by Jonathan Levant
  • Cadence for the Inner Ear by Tom Sheehan
  • Negotiations by Tom Sheehan
  • Praying All the Way by Jean Hovey
  • Thinking of the Universe by John T. Harris
  • Insomniacs by William Dauenhauer
  • Faith by Gwen Strauss
  • Pyromancy by Gwen Strauss
  • The Company of Wolves by Gwen Strauss
  • Shadow Dancing by Kim Carey
  • A Sweet Romantic Notion by Mike Hosier
  • Cry from a Rooftop by Carmelita McKeever
  • The Ancient World Calls Me to Enter by Catherine Hardy
  • The Homeless Dance by Denise Thomas
  • Flaming Gorge by Denise Thomas
  • I Told Jesus: A Modern Dance by Ed Davis
  • House of Cats by Lyn Lifshin
  • Family by Lyn Lifshin
  • My Father with the Shot Put by John Grey
  • Visiting by John Grey


  • Word Magic by Mike Hosier


  • Life and Dance Lessons with Charles Boyd by Kimberly Willardson
  • Review of The Devil’s Advocates: Decadence in Modern Literature by Carmine DiBiase

Art and Photography

  • Dancing Clothes by Kim Carey
  • Charles Boyd’s Studio by Christine Dimengo
  • Charles Boyd File Photo
  • Charles Boyd and Students Roger Willardson
  • Dancing Coneflowers by Margaret W. Gallico
  • Tanyosha Pine by Margaret W. Gallico
  • Untitled photograph by Roger Pfingston
  • Untitled photograph by Roger Pfingston
  • Untitled photograph by Roger Pfingston
  • Amaryllis by Roger Pfingston

ISSN: 1044–615X. All rights reserved. ©1990.

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