Issue #5—Spring


The Vincent Brothers Review Issue #5, released Spring 1990

Poetry by B.Z. Niditch, Errol Miller, John Grey, Garrett Barber, Ronald Edward Kittell, Duane Locke, James L. Wilson, Martha M. Vertreace, Steve Jackson, Herbert Woodward Martin, Timothy Spraggins, Lennie Irvin, Kevin Thaddeus Paulson, Laura Albrecht, Mike Hosier, and Kim Carey. Fiction by Laura E. Lehner and Mike Hosier. Nonfiction by Thomas Whissen. Art and Photography by Gregg Fry, Cathy Ackerman Fry, and Theresa Nowak.

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Issue #5—Spring 1990


  • Somnambulist Poet by B.Z. Niditch
  • Playing Boston by B.Z. Niditch
  • East of the Red River by Errol Miller
  • In Brisbane, We Were Still Country Stock by John Grey
  • Baptist in Vietnam by John Grey
  • Cornerstone by Garrett Barber
  • Praying to a Purple God by Ronald Edward Kittell
  • Working Up a Sweat by Ronald Edward Kittell
  • Tampa Slums, July 1989 by Duane Locke
  • Remnants by James L. Wilson
  • Tone Poem by Martha M. Vertreace
  • Reminder Enough by Steve Jackson
  • From The Log of the Vigilante: 0200 and 0400 by Herbert Woodward Martin
  • Sometimes When It Rains by Timothy Spraggins
  • The Kiss by Timothy Spraggins
  • Venus de Milo by Lennie Irvin
  • The Day after Thanksgiving on the Brooklyn Promenade by Kevin Thaddeus Paulson
  • Sleet by Laura Albrecht
  • A Song after Her by Laura Albrecht
  • Political Values in an Endless Universe by Mike Hosier
  • The Missy May Hopnoodle Saga by Kim Carey


  • Loose Stones by Laura E. Lehner
  • Silly Simpatico by Mike Hosier


  • The Female “Hero” in Victorian Literature by Thomas Whissen

Art and Photography

  • Untitled by Gregg Fry
  • Untitled by Gregg Fry
  • Last Dance by Cathy Ackerman Fry
  • Photographs by Theresa Nowak
  • Mad Money by Gregg Fry

ISSN: 1044–615X. All rights reserved. ©1990.

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