Issue #2—Winter


The Vincent Brothers Review Issue #2, released Winter 1989

Poetry by Gregg Fry, Jonathan Levant, William J. Vernon, Lyn Lifshin, Gary Pacernick, Vance Wissinger, Todd A. Fry, Laura Lehner, John T. Harris, Kate Harkins, Bob Moore, Terry L. Meece, Kim Carey, and Michelle Whitley Turner. Artwork by Gregg Fry, Dale Drummond, and Jake Unger.

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  • Castaway by Gregg Fry
  • Canadian Covenant by Jonathan Levant
  • Five Stories Up, On a Hotel Balcony by William J. Vernon
  • The Thud of Not Seeing You by Lyn Lifshin
  • Detroit Was the City by Gary Pacernick
  • Light Speed Thrum of Photons Drill by Vance Wissinger, Jr.
  • Around Times Square by Gary Pacernick
  • Madonna of the Ghosts by Lyn Lifshin
  • Untitled by Todd A. Fry
  • Harmony by Laura Lehner
  • Thee and She by Jonathan Levant
  • For Nick by Gary Pacernick
  • Still Life with Melancholy by Todd A. Fry
  • The Killer by John T. Harris
  • Elk Bugle by Kate Harkins
  • Blades by Vance Wissinger, Jr.
  • Empty Quarter by Gregg Fry
  • Why I Write About the Holocaust by Gary Pacernick
  • Spring-wind and Cloud-rain by Bob Moore
  • Downtown Shower by Terry L. Meece
  • Sea Chanties (for Chrissy) by Kim Carey
  • Quitting Time by Michelle Whitley Turner


  • Untitled by Gregg Fry
  • Untitled by Dale Drummond
  • Roadside Rite by Jake Unger

ISSN: 1044–615X. All rights reserved. ©1989.

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