Issue #7


The Vincent Brothers Review Issue #7

Poetry by Susan V. Carlos, Jack Hart, Gay Brewer, Todd Fry, Todd Kalinski, Errol Miller, B.Z. Niditch, John A. Roynesdal, Gary Page York, Gerald England, David Castleman, Bob Pokoj, Laura Albrecht, Sharon E. Svendsen, Matthew J. Spireng, Graham Duncan, John Grey, Mitch Grabois, Richard Stansberger, Ronald Edward Kittell, Mike Hosier, M. Patrick Mattimore, Thomas F. Sheehan, and Kim Carey. Fiction by Rafael Alvarez and Lenis A. Tucker. Art and Photography by Kim Carey, Margaret W. Gallico, and Keran Starke.

Released Fall/Winter 1990.

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The Vincent Brothers Review Issue #7


Photograph by Susan V. Carlos
Dreamland by Susan V. Carlos
Impression by Jack Hart
Homestand by Gay Brewer
(el•e•ments) by Todd Fry
Diminuendo by Todd Fry
Saturday Morning’s Sun by Todd Kalinski
Poem for this Day by Errol Miller
Giacometti by B.Z. Niditch
Signatures of Ancient Gods by John A. Roynesdal
Bucolic Allegory by Gary Page York
Bubble Chamber by Gary Page York
Holland by Gerald England
Without Dreams Our World is Mindless Death by David Castleman
The Domino Theory by Bob Pokoj
Wing & Moon by Laura Albrecht
Jade by Laura Albrecht
Sarai by Sharon E. Svendsen
Cliff Climbers by Matthew J. Spireng
Christmas Cactus by Matthew J. Spireng
Unicyclist by Graham Duncan
Included in Dreams by John Grey
Fellow Travellers by John Grey
In the Scallop Beds by Mitch Grabois
Portrait of a Self by Richard Stansberger
The Narcotic by Ronald Edward Kittell
Lord of the Dance by Mike Hosier
Entropy Bound by M. Patrick Mattimore
The Granite Hitch Rail by Thomas F. Sheehan
Pleiades Fallout by Thomas F. Sheehan
Night Skating by Kim Carey


Pig Feet by Rafael Alvarez
Mating by Lenis A. Tucker


Inverse Creation by Lisa M. Krotz
Family Placements and Replacements by Ann M. Wilger
Dawn Powell’s New York Novels by Carmine DiBiase

Art and Photography

Design by Kim Carey
Gate to Mansion (pen and ink) by Margaret W. Gallico
Beauty and the Drain by Keran Starke
Eggs Meeting by Keran Starke
My Goose (pen and ink) by Margaret W. Gallico
Wash & Wear by Keran Starke
Beauty and the Drain by Keran Starke
Strike 1 by Keran Starke
Rear View by Keran Starke

ISSN: 1044–615X. All rights reserved. ©1990.

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