The Vincent Brothers Review Issue #10


The Vincent Brothers Review Issue #10

Poetry by Matthew J. Spireng, B. Z. Niditch, Glenn Sheldon, Diane Engle, L. E. McCullough, and Kim Carey. Fiction by James S. Dorr, Janice Levy, Kim Carey, and Binney Paik. Art by Stella Rose Steinkiwicz. Released Summer 1992.

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The Vincent Brothers Review Issue #10


Instructions for the City by Matthew J. Spireng
You May Apply by B. Z. Niditch
Fascism by B. Z. Niditch
In Capsule Form by B. Z. Niditch
Ménage à Trois (Plus One) by Glenn Sheldon
Sundial by Diane Engle
Cumbia by L. E. McCullough
Club Lido, Kansas City, 1944 by L. E. McCullough
Romance-Type Poem for Miz Martinez by L. E. McCullough
Birch Violins by Kim Carey


The Impossible City by James S. Dorr
The Scorpion Wore Pink Shoes by Janice Levy
Hairdo Politics (excerpt from Snapshots, a novel-in-progress) by Kim Carey
Vitold’s Holiday by Binney Paik


Cover and inside art by Stella Rose Steinkiwicz.

ISSN: 1044–615X. All rights reserved. ©1992.

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