Issue #4


The Vincent Brothers Review Issue #4, released Fall 1989

Poetry by Kim Carey, Helen N. Weekes, Tom Bisker, Jonathan Levant, Lyn Lifshin, Mike Hosier, John T. Harris, Gay Brewer, Stephen M. Richmond, George Myers Jr., Glenn R. Miller, Scott Stalnaker, Todd A. Fry, Denise Thomas, David Brion McCoy, Fr. Benedict Auer, Wendy Winn, Gregg Fry, and SW Bliss. Fiction by Mike Hosier, Todd A. Fry, and Gregg Fry. Nonfiction by William J. Vernon and Kimberly A. Willardson. Art and Photography by Kim Carey, Roger Willardson, and Christine Dimengo.

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Issue #4—Fall 1989


  • October Song by Kim Carey
  • Horseweeds by Helen N. Weekes
  • Ugly by Tom Bisker
  • The Precisest Most Apt Metaphor by Jonathan Levant
  • She Said I Gave My Feather Boa to the Salvation Army by Lyn Lifshin
  • The Country Mouse by Mike Hosier
  • Elephants by John T. Harris
  • Carmen Goes Home Late by Gay Brewer
  • Girl by Gay Brewer
  • The Magic House by Stephen M. Richmond
  • Measuring Light by George Myers Jr.
  • Driftwood II by Glenn R. Miller
  • Three of a Loving Pair by Scott Stalnaker
  • Situations for Everyone by Todd A. Fry
  • The Old Ones Speak by Denise Thomas
  • To My Friend Who Disappeared by Denise Thomas
  • On a New Mexico Mountain by Denise Thomas
  • The Great War by David Brion McCoy
  • Banks of the Seine at Argenteuil by David Brion McCoy
  • A Saint: Two Views by Fr. Benedict Auer
  • Afterrain by Fr. Benedict Auer
  • Dying in Parenthesis by Wendy Winn
  • Words by Wendy Winn
  • Air on a Quote by Malcolm Lowry by Gregg Fry
  • Room for Rent and Time to Kill by Gregg Fry
  • August by SW Bliss


  • Wo-Wo-Wo Feelings by Mike Hosier
  • Ghosts by Todd A. Fry
  • The Heartburn’s Story by Gregg Fry


  • A Lesson for the 90s and Beyond by William J. Vernon
  • A Story about The Story Company by Kimberly A. Willardson

Art and Photography

  • Two Winds by Kim Carey
  • Leaf Dance by Kim Carey
  • Haystack Rock, Oregon by Roger Willardson
  • Manhattan Mirror by Christine Dimengo
  • Sun and Shadow by Kim Carey

ISSN: 1044–615X. All rights reserved. ©1989.

SKU: tvbr.1044-615X-004

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