TVBR Is Transitioning Away from a Website to the User-Friendlier Substack Platform

Train tracks at the Seawell School Entrance to the Carolina North Forest. Photo Credit: Kimberly Willardson

Updating our website has become cumbersome, and it’s past time for us to transition to a platform that makes it easier to stay in touch with our contributors and readers, as well as to share NEW poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and art and photographs on a regular basis. “The Vincent Brothers Review Weekly Reader” Substack issues will feature poetry, fiction, nonfiction, rock ’n’ roll stories, writing advice, writing prompts, news you can use, and updates about our print issue production schedules.

Subscriptions to The Vincent Brothers Review Weekly Reader are FREE for now, but we’ll move to paywalls for other content selections once we figure out this Substack beast.

Subscribe here to stay updated on TVBR’s print and Substack issues. Again, all subscriptions are FREE at this time, but you will need to sign up with an email to get the newsletter. You can cancel at any time.

For more information about what we seek to publish in our new The Vincent Brothers Review Weekly Reader, and the submissions portal, go here.

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