Dea Henrich

A Pinch of Herbs

A Pinch of Herbs—Chives

Dried chive fronds make appealing decorations. They can used in dried flower arrangements as a substitute for dried grasses, and they are striking when braided. If you decide to braid chive fronds, be sure to do so when the leaves are still fresh. Dried chives leaves become very brittle, and do not manipulate well. To dry chives for flower arrangements, the best method is sun drying.

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You could not leave your weaving
long enough to feed an old dog,
last white-muzzled link to your husband,
mirror image of your own fidelity?

Not bother, in the heated press
of supplicants, to bathe him, brush

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Lies I’ve Told

I can’t. I won’t.
I’m sick.
I’m tired.
I’m busy.
I didn’t get the message.
I was at my sister’s.
No, I’m not bored.
Yes, I love you.
No, I never loved you.

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How to Go Off the Wagon

. . . I thought of escape. I would get to my feet and say how wonderful it had been, but I must run, I had forgotten time, I was late for my evening appointment. Toby would cover for me. But I stayed on, my frozen smile hurting my face. I could see that it was no strain for Toby. Toby was enjoying it and he was oblivious to my discomfort.

Sometimes I have behaved badly when I have been trapped like this. I have failed to conceal my boredom and I have gone into a sulk that could not be overlooked by anyone. I told myself that this time I would at least fake things to the best of my ability. I massaged my face to limber up my smile. I murmured appreciations. I even compelled myself to make a little speech.

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Small Birds of Superstition

They forget who they are—
my lovely aunts with berry-stained lips
and Midnight perfume. My darling uncles
sent off with handkerchiefs
bleached and stuffed in their shine-worn suits.

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