One Story Leads to Another . . .

A Night at the Symphony—Music Hall

The establishment
The old crowd
Chatter bounces off the lobby marble
Auditorium seats built for a smaller generation
Hey, they still have the same concertmaster
He always seems humbled by the attention
The orchestra tunes up
A quintessential sound
The conductor turns his back
Tap Tap Tap
The music starts with the low trill of bassoon
We settle in
The oboe player really wants to scratch his nose
. . . Focus
The cellist has quite a leg hold on his instrument
. . . Focus
I need to buy tomato paste
. . . Dammit
Okay, 3rd and final movement
I think I recognize this part
The flutes and violins start to go at it
The horn section joins the crescendo
The percussion players move into position
I expect a big, loud finish
Boom . . . Everyone on stage is banging and blowing
The conductor is flailing
The timpani bursts
Furious “tinging” from the triangle

A split second of silence
Rapturous applause


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