The Vincent Brothers Review Issue #24—Changes


Wild Pitches by René Houtrides

Charismatic Megafauna by Ken Elliott

Them and Us by Jason Arias

The House of Rain Flies by Feng Gooi

Tookie & Basilio & The Dead by Rafael Alvarez

The Silence by Richard Risemberg

Stuck by Will Winkle

Nirvana by Robert McGee


Jam by Laura Stanfill

A Pinch of Herbs: Sage by Erin Pedigo

Review of Cathryn Essinger’s The Apricot and the Moon by David Lee Garrison

Review of Herbert Woodward Martin’s Sometimes Say My Name by Ronald Primeau

Electrifying by Wendy Winn

Secret Portals by Wendy Winn

Traveling Companions by Wendy Winn

Morning Practice by Wendy Winn

Yellow Raincoat by Wendy Winn

March by Alan Elyshevitz

Election Year by Alan Elyshevitz

Doing Math in Public by Alan Elyshevitz

Rain and Love by Susan Jelus

Starlings by Susan Jelus

Holding the Baby by Susan Jelus

Waterrock Knob by Benjamin Pryor 

Hillbilly Sparks by Benjamin Pryor

Facts by Benjamin Pryor

Leaving Jail by Benjamin Pryor

Sylph by Benjamin Pryor

This Task and That by Carmine Di Biase

Elegy to a Cyclist by Carmine Di Biase

The Life and Afterlife of Robert Parrish by Roy Bentley

I Cannot Say I Did Not Ask by Roy Bentley

All the Wretched Unsaved of the Avenue by Roy Bentley

Red in Tooth and Claw, and All the Rest by Dave Essinger

Casablanca Redux by Dave Essinger

A Word by Lyall Harris

Home by Lyall Harris

Fairy Tale by Lyall Harris

Adrift by Luz Rezende

Seaside Storms by Lawrence E. Hussman

Vertebrae by Lawrence E. Hussman

Collages by Marian Eichinger and Encaustic Paintings by Jamie McPhail


TVBR’s latest issue. 188 pages, perfect-bound. Our first print issue in nearly 18 years and our first full-color print issue. Featuring the four contest winners from our 2020 short story contest, dozens of new poems, two book reviews, analogue collages, and encaustic paintings.

Dimensions 8.25 × 5 in
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