One Story Leads to Another . . .

Lies I’ve Told

I had a great time.
I’ll call you.
I’m happy to see you.
I’m happy for you.
You’ve made me so happy.
You look great.
No, it doesn’t make you look fat.
It’s perfect.
Nice haircut.
My family really likes you.
I care.
I’m listening
I don’t mind.
I’m happy to do it.
I’m sorry I forgot your birthday,
our anniversary,
your name.
No, I didn’t eat it,
break it, do it.
It wasn’t me.
I didn’t lose it.
You must have misplaced it.
I can’t. I won’t.
I’m sick.
I’m tired.
I’m busy.
I didn’t get the message.
I was at my sister’s.
No, I’m not bored.
Yes, I love you.
No, I never loved you.
I hate you.
I don’t care.
It’s not you; it’s me.
I’m leaving.
We’re done.

More Lies

There must be some mistake, officer.
What stop sign?
Texting? Me?
My speedometer said thirty-five.
The seatbelt is broken.
I had one beer with dinner.
Four hours ago.
The light was yellow.
This is a handicapped space?
The dog ate my license.
And my registration.
I need insurance?
Since when?
A summons?
How can I be served?
I didn’t order anything.


*An earlier version of this poem appeared in MJ Werthman White’s How the Universe Says Yes to Me (Main Street Rag Press, 2017).

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