One Story Leads to Another . . .

Eight Verses for Matthew

fencing, winter, frost

In Memory of Larry Kramer

1. They came sharp as stones of murder, heavy as water
    sharp as snow, the traces of ashes, the venom of their
    lives, the fence and the open road.

2. The place of the dying man, a placard of shouting
    wind, no one here to offer a Samaritan’s hand.

3. The Presence of someone with Old Testament words,
    vilifying the future, for the blood of the Redeemer
    that speaks for all.

4. We judge our neighbors safely with love.

5. The scars of love are humanely deep, erupting like
    volcanic passions in the morning light.

6. My soul releases its evils; it refuses to inhale
    infected air.

7. My neighbor is on the continent of Africa;
    he is not far from my arm’s embrace.

8. Well water refreshes; love comes from learning.


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