Congratulations to TVBR’s FINAL FOUR and Shortlist Selections from Our “Housekeeping” Short Story Contest

The Vincent Brothers Review editors are pleased to announce the FINAL FOUR place winners from our 2021 Annual Short Story Contest, themed “Housekeeping.” The FINAL FOUR—in alphabetical order—are:

“Aiden and Isobel” by Ed Davis

“Knick-Knack” by Lee Huntington

“The Wolf Girl” by Ant Torres

“First, You Crack” by Diz Warner

The other five short-list selections from the contest entries—in alphabetical order—were:

“Salvation Salvage” by Ann Calandro

“No Quedo Mas Nada” by Khalil Elayan

“Tennessee Williams’s Last Play” by David Lohrey

“One to Keep” by Christine Terp Madsen

“Everything They Had Forgotten” by Lauren Summers

The FINAL FOUR short stories will appear in the PRINT version of TVBR Issue #26. The other contest finalists will appear in the print or on-line versions of Issue #26. We’ll make final format decisions mid-November 2022.

We received more than 200 well-written stories, and whittling down entries to a short list was difficult. More than a few of the entries centered around the plot of suburban women killing their husbands, or the intentional poisoning of co-workers. Hmm. Looks like we’ve been isolated from each other a little too long.

The remaining nonfiction and poetry selections for Issue #26 will be announced on this website mid-November 2022.  TVBR editors apologize for the further delays in final decisions for Issue #26 but the causes for the delays were unavoidable. If you’re tired of waiting, you can withdraw your work.

Issue #26 is expected back from press in late December 2022. Final winners of the contest will be gauged by Readers’ Votes conducted and gathered via social media platforms Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook once the issue is distributed.

The next two deadlines for TVBR fiction, poetry, nonfiction, and poetry submissions are December 31, 2022, for submissions addressing the theme of “Portals,” including our annual short story contest, and May 31, 2023, for submissions addressing the theme of “Work.”

Thank you to all writers who entered the contest. We were delighted by the nimble narratives of the stories and were struck by the memorable characters the authors created. TVBR editors are impressed by the professional quality of writing out there, and we receive far many more deserving stories than we have room and budget to publish. Keep up the great work!

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